Jow Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 46, Lane 337
Chung Cheng Road Yung Kang City
Tainan County, 710


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Jow Tong was established in 1992. Our initial business centered on mold design and development. Then in 1993, we re-focused our business towards cellular telephone accessories. We worked in cooperation with customers to enter the international export market and set up a research & development hub in Taiwan.

Beginning in 2000, Jow Tong expanded our product range to include multimedia and audio-visual accessories. Working in conjunction with professional designers to follow the market and customer requirements, we continued to integrate our technology resources, to analyze the latest market trends, and to manufacture trendsetting product styles. These products included Bluetooth, wireless cellular accessories, and consumer A-V electronics.

Throughout our continued business development, our focus on product style, consistent quality,low price, and superior customer service remain unchanged. We strive to guarantee our long-term customers a manufacturing partner that meets all their market requirements and delivers Worry-Free quality & competitive products.

Jow Tongs future remains just as bright as our past. Our continuous attention to product research, design, and development will allow us to maintain our ability to meet customer demands. This makes us the smart and safe choice for an international manufacturing and product development partner.