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SPC's ThermalPro 60 and 90 cabinets are designed to house DSLAM electronics for providing broadband services. ThermalPro 60 is used in areas where less than 96 lines are required; ThermalPro 90 brings capacity up to 144 lines. Either cabinet can also be used for smaller fiber distribution applications. Constructed from 1/10” aluminum for reduced weight and superior corrosion
ThermalPro 90
resistance and painted with a heat resistant powder cost finish, these cabinets are compact flexible units for applications where cabinet size and cost is a concern.

With their innovative design, in DSL applications these cabinets can be equipped with one DSLAM upon deployment to minimize first cost and then as demand increases, craft friendly field upgrade kits can be installed to increase capacity.

Standard cooling with substantial thermal margin is provided via a 48VDC fan/ filter ventilation system. These ThermalPro's are extremely flexible in terms of power; they can house any 2U rectifier or DC to DC converter (if line power is preferred) or simply act as an adjunct and manage power from a host cabinet.

SPC's ThermalPro cabinets are designed specifically to house electronics providing narrow and broadband services. The new ThermalPro 120, 180, and 240 cabinets are offered as fully integrated with power and electronics wiring or empty for customer integration. ThermalPro's are constructed from 1/10” aluminum with a rugged powder coat finish for reduced weight and superior corrosion resistance. Both cabinets provide room for future growth and heat exchangers or air conditioners are provided as required. ThermalPro cabinets are designed to meet Telcordia GR 487 Issue 2 specifications.


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